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One of the most famous and ancient streets in Krakow is Kanonicza street, which is more of an alley and leads to Wawel. It is a street full of vivacity that has kept its original image through the centuries. There have been some renovations in Kanonicza Street the past few years but only in order to promote Krakow’s authentic legacy and real glamour. 


The Main Market Square as well as the castle of Krakow both have the same dimensions around their walls. There are many archaeological displays in the castle, art and military exhibitions, numerous rooms and chambers to visit with collections of tapestried walls. All these collections in the castle bear witness of the faith of the Polish people, showing that Christianity existed for more than a thousand years. There was an exhibition in the Royal Castle in the year 2000 called Wawel 1000- 2000 with the theme of the continuance of Poland from 1000 till 2000.  Another important monument is the Wawel Cathedral, along with the Royal Tombs, that bear the royal sarcophagi. A well known bell in the castle grounds is the "Sigismund" Bell that rings during big national celebrations. Visitors of the castle and its grounds definitely need more than a day in order to see everything that surrounds the area and conceive the greatness of Poland. 


Although the exhibitions close at one point in the afternoon it is worth staying a bit longer, since the gates remain open, in order to visit the court of the castle and see the sun diving in the Vistula River. Watching the sunset from the courtyard of the castle, the cathedral and the castle and the colour of the sky is something you should not miss when you visit Krakow.  


A European Collector created the well known Manggha Centre of Japanese Art and Technology which is in the area and you can visit. Finally near the shore you can see the Dragon Cave and the crypt to its hideout where the legend says that there used to be a dragon many centuries ago. Now it is a lovely place for a family walk.

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