MARKET SQUARE (Rynek Główny)

Krakow’s Market Square is actually the town’s centre and the place where most events take place. The Market Square has preserved it initial outline and proportions through the passing of time and is a reference point for Krakow. The Central Square is also used for several demonstrations and exhibitions.  


In the centre of the square you can see the Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) a building that has survived through the centuries but has also changed its content more than once. It used to be a trade centre of textile, then it became the main National Museum and later it became a branch building for the museum. There are many more buildings that outlasted the pass of the centuries. Some of them are the Basilica of Saint Mary’s church, with its spiral towers that stretch high above the city of Krakow, the church of Saint Adalbert. These ancient buildings attract many visitors not only because of their imposing appearance but also because they are part of the town’s history. Most of the buildings and churches and palaces have a history of their own.


The Main Square is the place where many celebrations, exhibitions and demonstrations go on. The events that take place in the Square are entirely connected to Krakow’s history as well as the buildings in the square which now most of them have become pubs, restaurants and shops. The International Cultural Centre is housed in one of the ancient buildings that surround the Market Square and the Museum of History is also housed in another building. The interiors of the buildings are in a very good condition although they contain archaeological artifacts. You should really visit the Market Square where you are going to find almost everything there spectacular including the decoration of the buildings, their windows and their entrances. Walking around the Market Square will seem to you as if you are walking back in time.   

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