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Welcome to Krakow a city full of tradition and legends. Tourists will be able to see and feel the magic that emanates from the city’s past and present atmosphere, the colours and sounds, even from the first moment they arrive at the city. Built at the shores of the river Wisla ( Vistula ) gives the sensation of a floating city.

Krakow was for many centuries the capital city of Poland, but was also an intellectual and cultural forum for many and a commercial paradise for others. Kings, famous artists, scientists and alchemists, offered to the city part of their knowledge and fame that still exists and is now part of the city. The
Wawel castle and the palace are just a few of the medieval buildings that originate from that period. The Market square (Rynek Główny) of Krakow is its natural center: a scene for various trivial and important events, a reference point, a place to meet and the spot to start or to end a walk.

Nowadays Krakow by combining the old and the new, the medieval and the contemporary, the traditional and the modern, the fairy tail and the reality will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Walk around the paved narrow streets ad discover the small but full of warmth cafes, the underground traditional restaurants and the graceful pubs. Search for hotels in Krakow and flights to Krakow.

Explore Krakow and live your fairy tail, in a journey back in time!!!



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